about us
apts is a writing and interaction driven pb community designed for those dedicated to their characters, their writing, and willing to step outside of the box both in characterization and on the fp. every month, we will be posting a plot-driven scenario on the friends page, which we hope can bring back some of the old school charm a lot of us have come to miss. we hope that members can bring just as much to the table themselves as they expect of others and build their own plots and activities alongside interacting with others.

first and foremost: please avoid ooc drama! be friendly, courteous and open-minded. we would love to see a lot of ic drama, so don't take things personally ooc. we welcome characters that are down to earth, crazy, unstable, shy, jerkish or maybe even a bit of everything. we don't want anyone being scared of branching out here so we ask you to leave your worries behind and just concentrate on your character. however, ooc bullying, ic/ooc line-crossing, and other such shenanigans are not tolerated.

we have a character limit of three but please consider your own availability and bandwidth before bringing in a second or third! if you are not active with your first it may not be a good idea to add another. once you're in, if things don't feel comfortable, feel free to request a pb change. pb changes don't have a limit!

    applying and acceptance
applying is pretty basic here. you need an ooc journal (no extra letters, numbers, or underscores), a cleared f-list, postdated ic and ooc contact posts, and a few basic details about your character. just something to touch on your concept briefly—name, age, occupation, etc are more than enough! we're not going to ask for biographies or blurbs and hope that this streamline process can help you get right into interacting and writing.

for examples we'd like to see a minimum of one scene and one narrative, though you're more than welcome to provide more if you'd like. if there are any issues that we feel can be immediately addressed we will contact you. otherwise, if your application was deleted you were rejected.

please keep your character's ethnicity the same as your pb's. if your pb is korean, don't make him/her japanese, half-chinese, half-taiwanese, etc. keep that level of separation, at the very least. character's of course can be adopted into a different ethnic family, as long as there's no real relation there.

once you're accepted you will be expected to intro to itaewon, our catch-all community, within 48 hours. failure to do so will result in immediate removal.

there is only one update requirement but you will still be expected to maintain a certain level of activity! let's face it, the greatest comm killer is a too lax attitude, so we're hoping to cut through the issue. once every activity period, you must update your journal. it doesn't matter if it's a single instagram post, lyrics, whatever. we just want to see you on the fp! once a month, we will also do a check in to where you must comment the post if you'd like to stay in the community. make sure that you also keep your friends list updated regularly and try to be present on the fp! please note that if you're marked as a new member, that your activity begins during the next activity period instead of the current!

keep in mind that we will be checking flists and posts regularly so if you are not updated nor present you will receive a warning. additionally, if it is apparent that you're skirting by on the bare minimum you will receive a warning. if it continues to be an issue you will be removed. of course, however, if you're in need of a hiatus or struggling in any manner you can always comment our dropbox! as rigid as this all sounds we are quite accommodating and understanding, so please do not hesitate to come to us.