about itaewon
Apts is a writing and interaction-driven PB community designed for those dedicated to their characters, their writing, and who are willing to step outside of the box both in characterization and on the friends page. Every month (pending in-game activities started by other players), we will be posting a plot-driven scenario on the friends page, which we hope can bring back some of the old school charm a lot of us have come to miss. We hope that members can bring just as much to the table themselves as they expect of others and build their own plots and activities alongside interacting with others.

First and foremost, please avoid OOC drama! Be friendly, courteous, and open-minded. We would love to see a lot of IC drama, but do not cross that line and take things personally. We welcome characters that are down to Earth, crazy, unstable, shy, jerkish or maybe even a bit of everything. We don’t want anyone to be scared of branching out, so we ask you to leave your worries behind and concentrate on your character. However, OOC bullying, IC/OOC line-crossing, and other such indiscretions will not be tolerated. Should such occurrences be brought to the moderators, we will do what we can to rectify the situation which may include warnings or removal from the community.

Secondly, we are not a faux celebrity community. Your character cannot be an accomplished celebrity in any form. We have no plans on changing this in the near future, but that does not mean that characters cannot be successful in their career paths in these fields. Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that your character does not morph into your played by, so we ask that you cut down on things such as performances, music videos, award shows, modeling gigs, etc. as a primary means of updating your character. For newcomers, we have developed a list of what is acceptable and what is not below:

YES Ex-trainees, up and coming dancers, rookie athletes, small-time artists, fledgling models, local television personalities, obscure YouTube celebrities and Twitch.TV streamers, budding authors.

NO Current trainees, accomplished/famous idols, well-known dancers/choreographers, famous athletes, celebrated artists, big time models, international television personalities, big time YouTube celebrities and Twitch.TV streamers, published authors.

Currently, our character limit is three. Please consider your availability and friends page activity before bringing in a second or a third. If you are not active on the friends page, including commenting other players, or have requested a considerable amount of extensions with one character, the moderators reserve the right to refuse a second or third character. We, as moderators, reserve the right to turn away any application without an explanation if we feel your character is not a good fit for the community. In most cases, however, we will reach out to an applicant to work out any changes.

Once you’re in, if things don’t feel comfortable with your character or the played by chosen, feel free to contact the moderators with the intended changes or request a PB Change in the Member’s Lounge. There are no limits on PB changes!

how to join
Applying is fairly basic: You need an OOC journal with no extra letters, numbers or underscores), a cleared friends list, postdated IC and OOC contact posts, and a few basic details about your character—just something to touch on your concept briefly, including name, age, occupation, etc. We’re not asking for biographies or blurbs (though they are welcome) with hopes to streamline the process to get everyone right into interacting and writing.

For examples, we would like to see a minimum of one scene and one narrative, though you are more than welcome to provide more if you’d like. If there are issues that we feel can be immediately addressed, we will contact you; otherwise, if your application was deleted, your character has been rejected.

If you are applying a second or third character, you do not need to re-submit examples. However, you will need to disclose your currently active characters to the moderator to maintain character limits.

Please note that when picking up a second or third character, you cannot apply with a member of the same group. The only exception to this rule is if a former member has gone solo and is no longer part of a group. For example, someone could have a character with the face of Byun Baekhyun and apply one with the face of Kris Wu as Kris Wu is no longer a part of EXO. However, someone who already has a character with the face of Lalisa Manoban cannot also apply as Jennie Kim being they are both current BLACKPINK members. This is to avoid face hogging within popular groups as there are many faces to pick from.

Please keep your character’s ethnicity the same as your played by’s. If your PB is Korean, don’t make him/her Japanese, half-Chinese, half-Taiwanese, etc. Please keep that level of separation at the very least. A character can be adopted into a different ethnic family as long as there is no real relation there. Should you wish to change your PB from one ethnicity to another, please contact the moderators so we can guide you through the process of re-application.

Once you’re accepted, you will be expected to post an introduction in ~sogae, our introduction community, within 48 hours. Failure to do so will result in removal.

activity requirements
As of 06/01/2019, meeting activity at ~apts is easier than ever! Instead of requesting multiple posts, members are requried to post one entry of effort before they will be marked off. This includes narratives, Instagram posts (single, multiple, or full page), lyric posts, mood/inspiration boards, AMA/FFAs, etc. If there is some thought or interaction behind it, generally it will be counted with the exception of single-lined posts. While we would still love to see activity in ~itaewon, it is no longer a requirement for activity (unless you chose to post there, and then that will count for activity if linked to the moderators).

Let’s face it, the greatest killer of communities is a too lax-attitude to activity and commenting other characters outside of what may be established lines, so we’re hoping to cut through this issue and make the friends page enjoyable again! At the core, we just want to see you on the friends page and interacting with others.

If it is apparent you’re skirting by on the bare minimum and not participating in the game as a whole, you will receive a warning. If it continues to be an issue, you will be considered for removal. Of course, if you’re in need of a hiatus, an extension or struggling in any manner, you can always comment our Dropbox!

Hiatus last until a specific date as set by a member. When that date approaches, the moderators will let the player know as well as check in to see if the player needs more time. Extensions cover a member for the month and will automatically lift when the next activity cycle begins, but please keep in mind that frequent or consecutive extensions will be reviewed by the moderators and warnings may be given or additional characters may be denied, especially if partnered with minimum activity on the friends page. As rigid as this seems, we are accommodating and understanding, so if there are any issues, don’t hesitate to come to us!