SKV Entertainment, founded in 1995 by Head Producer Kim Shin Woo, is the first company in the industry to introduce systematic casting, training, producing, and management systems, and it has been discovering unique content by pinpointing demands for music and cultural trends. SKV Entertainment entered the global marketplace using globalization and localization strategies through culture and has become a leading entertainment company in Asia.

In 1995, SKV Entertainment became the first company in the Korean entertainment industry to enter foreign markets and made remarkable achievements as the leader of Hallyu, or the Korean Wave.

Thanks in part to strong partnerships with leading global brands such as SK Telecom, NHN, Daum, NC Soft, and Samsung Electronics, SKV Entertainment has become a worldwide entertainment powerhouse, establishing a new paradigm in the entertainment industry. SKV’s exemplary business model of planning, producing, marketing and selling entertainment content through various global networks, including SKV China (Beijing), SKV Japan (Tokyo) and SKV Korea (Seoul). SKV takes great pride in its talent development program, responsible for discovering and nurturing the talent of stars and continues to pioneer music, develop the potential of new artists, and lead the trend of the entertainment industry.

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Yeah, you bet I shamelessly ripped off this text from SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.