mario vs. luigi
an itaewon spam challenge
welcome to the fourth skyview terrace spam challenge! the gist of this is to fill up an entire post until the comments break. that's 5,000 comments! we will instate just a few rules so that things don't take a turn for the worst, so here we go.

no keysmashing! no alphabeting, no numbering, etc. comments must have some sort of content. a question, a picture, a gif, lyrics, anything. get creative! interact with other members! if i do see any keysmashing comments, they will be deleted.

keep the spam area drama free! this is meant to be fun, so we don't want to see negativity in either of the posts. if i see it happening, the posts will be shut down immediately. keep your issues to yourself!

please remember to be kind! this is a friendly competition with a cute photoshop reward at the end, there's no need for excessive smack talking other teams and if you must, try not to be a dick about it.

no cross commenting! stay in your own post. commenting the other team's posts is prohibited, and if i happen upon it, your comments will be deleted immediately.

take it slow! you don't need to get your post to 5000 comments in one night. sit back and enjoy interacting with other members. i just want everyone to remember that this is supposed to be fun, not stressful or dramatic.