how to: rp on ij
the basics
JOURNALS: most communities on ij want either ic (ex. anna, winston, minhee) or one/two word ooc (ex. moon, crayon, icecream) usernames.

I've taken down a few rules since nobody really abused them anyway. PB change caps have also been eliminated, but if you abuse your ability to change your pb freely, then you will receive a warning to cut it out because it does get frustrating changing everything all the time. Just do me a favor and limit yourself!

Member activities will be back in full swing tomorrow. I got a little overwhelmed with trying to figure out dates in which to start these things, but I've got it figured out now, so comment here if you'd like your character to be chosen.

We've decided to start using as a sort of instant messaging deal. We thought about AIM as a potential, but I believe that it requires a mobile number and I know that not everyone is comfortable with that. Maybe it's just me who is sort of reminiscent of the black out a while back, when all we had was to communicate with one another. But if you're interested in random conversations with characters here, please drop off your username in the comment section below and I'll compile a list.

I think that completes this mod post! If you have any questions or comments, please ask me in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer anything. Thanks for reading!